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I post here from time to time as issues come up, or in response to parent feedback and questions

Parenting Blog

Book recommendation: The Transgender Child - S. Brill, R. Pepper

Posted by Dave on September 26, 2010 at 1:30 PM

The Transgender Child is the first of its kind - a thoughtful manual for parents of transgender children and their caregivers, co-written by one of our country's most respected gender therapists and an experienced researcher and author of books related to gender variance. Detailed, up-to-date, and easy to read, this book should be a key resource for professionals, parents of transgender children and teens, and anyone who works with them.


The Transgender Child includes a Foreword by Dr. Norman Spack, a leading expert on the care and treatment of transgender children and youth. It is followed by a series of chapters dealing with all aspects of how to deal with the child, their family and friends, their schools and school administrators and staff. Also included are excellent chapters on medical care and legal issues unique to these children.


Everyone who knows and interacts with a transgender child should own and read this book. It is especially valuable when dealing with those unfamiliar with what it means to be born transgender - whether they are family members, neighbors, teachers, or the local Department of Family Services. The Transgender Child adds the authority of leading professionals to any discussion of the child's care and treatment.

I recommend it highly!

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